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Colorful X-Ray Photos Illuminate The Beauty Of Vintage Industrial Design

This article I found on Fast Company Design (www.fastcodesign.com) was fascinating–about photographer ROY LIVINGSTON’s concept and technique to peer inside, colorize and capture everyday, vintage objects–and to discover the beauty that was hidden within. The photographs were magical, and indeed, actually quite beautiful!

You can see one example above: the inner workings of an old film/movie camera, in red, and greenish-grey.

Other items were also fascinating and beautiful, including a plastic ray-gun toy, whose metal gears inside would generate sparks back in the day. You should check out the article too!

Here’s the article link to Fast Company Design’s site:


Enjoy the hidden beauty revealed by X-Rays and photographed by Roy Livingston.  Enjoy a new view of old things, and contemplate the brainpower and creative forces that made them all.

— DA —