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Project Summary


  • To create, develop, and brand a new, updated web and social media presence for Le Barn Antiques
  • Embed strong SEO (search-engine optimization) tools needed to improve search results and sales
  • E-Commerce integration required to turn gallery browsing into purchases


Client Company Profile

Le Barn is an antiques importer/exporter (worldwide), and retailer (mostly US), which depends on their web and physical locations (on premise shop as well as presence in several high-end antique cooperatives in order to generate sales. They feature one-of-a-kind furnishings from France, China, Italy, and Indonesia.


  •  Located on 100 acres of historic landmark property
  •  Offers unique personalized shopping experience for each customer
  •  Furniture restoration and interior design services available on premises
  •  Antiques are hand-selected and shipped twice annually via container.

Le Barn Blog

Business Problems

Le Barn was searching for ways to increase revenue in a competitive market by promoting their unique line of antique furnishings and their personalized one-on-one service. Their old, existing website and blog were not producing any results, and they had no social media presence.  Critical steps needed to be taken in order to support future growth of their business, to expand beyond simple word-of-mouth marketing and limited results from print advertising.

Technical Problems

Le Barn’s old website and blog were both invisible to search engines, primitive in design, limited in functionality, and had no social media presence or connections.  Their existing website was more than ten years old. Attempts were made to incorporate some forms of social media marketing (including a blog), but their old site was unable to support links properly due to outdated and limited technology. Simply stated, they were unable to reach their client base.

In December 2011, Le Barn recruited DA Creative Director to address and solve these business and technical problems.

Business & Technical Solutions Provided

An entirely new, 3-site (web + blog + shop) architecture was devised in order to immediately improve functionality and SEO, incorporating attractive, user-friendly design, cross-functional e-commerce and social media tools, with a presence on the key social platforms. New content was regularly provided and updated with an active, professionally written blog highlighting individual furnishings and inviting vignettes about Le Barn’s historic property. A regular blog-posting schedule in was put in place. Training for site administrators (populating the gallery with new inventory, uploading new blog posts) was provided by DA/CD, thereby enabling Le Barn to self-manage site content. Integration from website to web shop (item creation) was developed to minimize effort and maximize results from the 3-site architecture.

Le Barn Gallery Item

Benefits & Results

  1. Blog: launched first with immediate ROI from search engine hits, followers, inquiries, comments, and new sales (email/call-ins) and increased revenue (before web launch). In particular, professional blog-writing from DA/CD engaged followers and search-engines.
  2. Social: supported and increased blog traffic, additional followers/likes, leading to sales.
  3. Web: launched with immediate ROI from customers browsing gallery, inquiries leading to sales. Blog and social media announcements of web site led to increased hits.
  4. Shop: launched last, with immediate increase of search engine hits, additional browsing, with personalized and direct contact to Le Barn leading to sales.

Solution Components

  • DA/CD Services:
    • Creative Direction/Branding
    • Design Services
    • Web Development and Integration
    • Content Creation (writing/imaging)
    • Content Management
    • IT and Hosting Support
    • Business Consulting
    • Social Media Consulting
  • Blog: built on WordPress.com
  • Web: developed in Drupal
  • Shop: hosted with Volusion

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